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About JUMA

JUMA by Alia Juma has recently relaunched into a sustainable design platform offering clothing, accessories & soft furnishings from various brands, artists, musicians, digital designers, interior designers and like minded companies where everything is made from recycled water bottles. View our product collaborations here

JUMA also develops customized creative products for retail clients, hospitality clients and other industries. Clients include MAC Cosmetics, Four Seasons Hotels, W Hotels, Ritz Carlton hotels, Roots Canada and Nio Electric Cars (China). For customized solutions, please visit here

JUMA by aliajuma 是一个使用可回收材料的工装系列。产品包括服装,配饰和软装饰。我们创建了一个线上市集,有想法的公司,品牌,艺术家和设计师可以共同创造产品在这个平台上销售。这里阅览我们的往期合作


Starting in 2020, JUMA by Alia Juma has relaunched into a contemporary workwear collection

made from recycled water bottles and other eco-friendly fabrics


What is RPET ? 什么是 RPET?

Recycled PET material is a new type of recycled fabric. The yarn is made from the waste of mineral water bottles; also known as RPET fabric.

JUMA will bring this technology to create fabrics for contemporary workwear, soft furnishings and accessories.



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The significance of producing recycled RPET

-significant reduction in petroleum

-water conservation

-air pollution reduction

-soil conservation

-landfill waste reduction

-ocean waste reduction

-animal eco-system preservation









The Process


JUMA has developed custom textiles from water bottles that focus on softness and luxurious hand feels that are comparable to natural fibers