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Gold of Doom (厄運金) is a poetrybook released in August 2023 by DuoHan Zhang (张铎瀚). Also, as an event, Gold of Doom’s output includes derivative products inspired by the visual elements and text fragments of the poetrybook, as well as themed live events in the form of performances, lectures, talks and readings. Co-creators of the derivative products of Gold of Doom include designer Yao Ni (杳匿) and artist Shan Huo (山火).


DuoHan Zhang (b.1999) is a Changchun-born writer and artist currently living in Hangzhou. He was awarded several Poetry Prize including Guanghua Poetry Prize and Chongchang Poetry Prize and is one of the founders of the music magazine “evolution o fear”. His writing and translations can be found in Enclave, PULSASIR, Poetry, Tech-Observer, LEAP, etc.; his photography and video works have been exhibited at the Pingyao International Photography Festival (2017) and the Edinburgh International Poetry Festival (2022), etc.; and his performance “Anti-LǎngSòng” was first performed at “Sleeping Scattered Pages 2022” which curated by PULSASIR x Sino-French Poetry Performance Season and the sequel of “Anti-LǎngSòng” was commissioned by the Macalline Art Center to be performed in May 2023 under the title of “Happy Devouring – Land of Long Spring” (w/ YuCao). He is the author of the poetrybook Gold of Doom.