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DJ tuteyishi a.k.a Talented yet Troubled is an electronic musician, DJ, producer and live performer, primarily focusing on ambient electronic; minimal, ambient, experimental, dark & hard techno, tech-house, art dance, IDM, improvisational electronic music and other adjacent underground genres. He was born in Belarus, spent 6 years living in Italy and the US, where he studied Fine Arts, which influenced the experimental nature of his performances, while when living in China he found his music style and methods of playing. When playing livesets he only uses plugins and midi equipment to create a wide range of sounds. Just like in the electronic music scene of the last century, artists used cheaper equipment such as Roland TB-303 to democratize and shift the music paradigm, so he believes now using only computer and plugins democratizes music even more, letting anyone to have the means to create. 

He’s currently partnering with workwear and fashion clothing brand JUMA by ALIAJUMA.