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I sketch and paint at my leisure time. 

My works might be about how colors intertwine and how lines of different thickness transform into each other. 

They are combinations of energies: less than 1% come from me, more than 99% come from this world itself. 

Born and raised in a seaside family where my grandparents make a traditional crafts called seven-mother’s pavilion, I joined their creative process each year before the Qiqiao Festival. Boiling rice to make paste, pasting wishes onto the framework of pavilions with them, I knew what my grandparents did was not merely about making a living. 

Qiqiao Festival is about revealing wishes of the children to the seven-mother. What seven-mother’s pavilion looks like reminds people nothing about love. But surely these energies stay there, just like how my works seem nowhere near love — but indeed there is. 

I do hope you find love in that 99%, if not you will find it in that 1%.