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Crispy Volcano is a series of Installation applying dehydrated rice as raw material.
Rice becomes soft and sweet by absorbing water and heat in a cooker, and then continues to
absorb heat. After undergoing the dehydration process, the resulting crust got a feeling of
hollow, crispy, or overflowing to form a shape. It is like lava that erupted and then cools down,
and is an irregular residue that cannot be arranged into the dinner system.
Rice crust is located between rice (carbohydrate) and residue (carbon), and is described as a
threshold, a process, and this similar dehydration process always occurs at an exponential rate.
After expansion, proliferation, and division, there is an exile of meaning.
Quoting Giorgio Agamben’s words: “In pure appearances, ‘preserve the phenomena’ , no need to
trace back to the existing and invisible truth, nor do they need to be abandoned, handed over to
the divination as overflow signifiers.”

Photograph by 张引桐