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My Afrofuturism version, a cultural representation, philosophy of science, and philosophy of history that explores the developing intersection of African Diaspora culture with HiTech.

My rep is all intertwined in futuristic, dystopian space explorations, with enhanced characters in the forefront of interplanetary independent acts.

The windows or gates, shows alternate dimensions that connects them all.

New piece related to my own Southern roots and the Western lifestyle I have experienced growing-up, while living in the East as you read this.

‘Alkebulan’ translation “mother of mankind” as the collection’s name, hails from the native signification of the Southern continent, called ‘Africa’ which meant “Land free of the cold and horror” back 1000years BC, given by the Greeks and transformed by the Romans.

The design line itself is inspired by the ‘guardian chair’ extremely popular in the West region of the original continent.

I used the modern socio/ethnic movement, named “Afrofuturism” to express that story behind the chair’s creation, through vibrant graphics patterns made of ‘Ankara’ with vivid colors and bold lines, personalizing my Western up-bringing.